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the wild apple tree




books can take you into wonderful worlds



between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be




Healing circle number 2
Healing Circle 2 10 x 12


healing circle 3
Healing Circle 3 12 x 12


Midsummer 24x24"



Midsummer 2 36x36"



Canada - Turtle Island- colourfully diverse and resilient 30-36



Canada -Maple Leaf- colourful, diverse, resilient 30x36



flying to the sun 20X30"


First snow 24x30


In the middle of the courful nowhere 30x30


a hundred lights in a hundred rainy windows on a rainy day 36x36

O'Keeffe's road to New York 18x24

Morning yellow 34x48

northern vineyards


Snow in the hills 30x48


Boreal pond 24x36

Tea on a misty morning 30x36





softly flows the river mist 36x48

Suzanne Roth Mcclelland:

Your reflections and misty fogs are comparable to none. I have sat and watched mist rising and swirling on a lake in Bancroft, and this is exactly what I was seeing. Wisps of air moving in time with Mother Nature

shoreline wetlands North of Lake Winnipegosis


misty boreal pond
Misty boreal pond




tea in a haze of fabulous fall

many sources of inspiration
an inspiring teapot

first snow in the hills

walking through layers of abstract landscape

the blue hills
the blue hills

the yellow cloud
the yellow cloud


Wakefield seen through yellow glasses
Wakefield seen through yellow glasses

First snow on White Face


where the river narrows

Mi'kmaq Chief Stephen Augustine......

"Reminds me of the Gatineau River near Wakefield. Altogether a masterpiece. I remember the evenings looking out from the MOLO terrace over the water. An emotional painting"

rhapsody in white and blue
rhapsody in white and blue

rhapsody in white and blue running shoes


joie de vivre

celebrating your ewe


once in a blue moon

the picnic

pow wow sun







pushing the edge 30x40

history of the tulip series 20x30


A grey room with tulips in white vase

tulips in white vase 30x40


"Haerlem" Tulips 30x36

exuberant tulips in red frame 30x36


night tulips 24x36


vibrant tulips diptych

hellebores orientalis l

hellebores orientalis l

Hengstenburg Tulip Botanic


blue poppy





where paintings are inspired
where paintings are inspired


Mondrian Tree replanted

tree in interior


Blushing Maples 30x48




waiting for spring......30x30


festive hills





restless mountains

Shostakovich nr.9 both hands

epic yellow

wild and free


Whiteface Mountain ... early snow in the fall 36x48

misty maples
misty maples


barn ile d'orleans


all their reds

laundry on a rosy day



white and blue

blue and white

waiting for spring

the yellow cloud 2




Barn Ile d'Orleans 20x30

Tadoussac whale

Meech creek valley


the mountain over the colour

Red Barns and Marjolijn

Different Perspectives

St. Lawrence in Winter 1

Mont Richer St. Laurent b

the pink line

Whiteface Mountain fall 1

Whiteface Mountain fall 3

Whiteface Mountain 2
a blue mountain

alpine snow formations 5

alpine snow formations 2

alpine snow formations 3

alpine snow formations 4



"some of the paintings in their homes"

sleeping in a landscape

Meech landscape in a Swiss Jura home

Laurentiens inside -Mont Blanc outside

poppy in its environment: Duillier, Switzerland

first snow in the Gatineau

Gatineau Reflections in Cathy's house

Food for Thought in Diane's home Wakefield

law office in the hills

Voluptuous Tulips, Rockcliffe, Ottawa

Hans and Marian - landscapes

Johanne's place on the canal Ottawa

Tulips in Jill's flat, Strewing

Painting with Panton Chair,
a happy combination

at Roswitha's

where colour rules .... Ottawa

where painting and furniture show harmony...


healing circles 1

joie de vivre - Madelief

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