fresh snow in the Gatineau


wild and free

flowers in front of blue

Wild apples, sumac and asters

summer clouds

the barn is still there in my mind

fireweed and goldenrod



memories of the Cross barn

morning river mist

softly flows the river mist

chasing the river mist

of river mist and mellow air

Up the Gatineau

Flying to Wakefield

connections 8????


splendour reflected 3

connections 9


Ski runs Adirondacks

Red Tulip - detail

Fall - Whiteface 1 detail



Toronto Abstract

Botanical Tulip 4

Tulips 9

Tulip Tiles

birdstory 3

yellow grossbeak camouflage

female cardinal camouflage

female cardinal camouflage

connection 11

connection 7

"Nacht Wacht"

first snow on Mont Tremblant

river reflections

vivid tranquility

alpine snow formations 1

think spring

beaver paddle

it's all about water, paddle project

a touch of orange

Mont Tremblant in autum


white, ton sur ton

First snow on Mont Tremblant

Gatineau 64b

winter landscape

Erotica show entry

pants down......or...

are you happy to see me?

the mountain over the colour

Meech creek valley


Red Barns and Marjolijn

Red barn 1

Red Barn 2 Detail

River barn in summer

Red barn 4

Red barn 5

Meech Valley

Barn with the funny roof

Barn with the funny roof

Mont St. Anne

La ferme longue, Isle d'Orleans

the mist is rising diptycht

Pink Primulas

Hollyhocks 2

red amaryllis

White Amaryllisl

Matisse and the turtle

tulips, white or pink or both

red, green on blue

Wakefield by night

Matisse and the turtle



"playing with skookums"

I discovered Skookum dolls this year.

These 'Indian' dolls were made in the USA from 1914-1960 for tourists. Mary McAboy, a non Native , came up with the idea and called them Skookums (meaning: very good) It became a 'cottage industry' . Women would get kits and then assemble them at home.. Over the years the materials changed but the dolls always wore folded blankets. The faces glance to the left and sometimes to the right, never straight ahead (not polite) Most of them are female dolls or females with a baby on their backs (papoose style) and there were also male dolls. They come in a variety or sizes from 2" -36", but most are 5".

My small collection of Skookums inspired me to paint them.


playing with skookums 1

playing with skookums 3

playing with skookums 4

playing with skookums 2

skookums looking at painting

playing with skookum dolls 5

summer wind bringing you home

Native heritage

Whiteface mountain

Gatineau River 1 birds eye view

Camp Fortune

Gatineau Reflections


Gatineau 3b

The Mist is Rising

Gatineau River 2

River Mist

Gatineau Landscape 2

Gatineau Landscape 3

Quiet river Wakefield

The Wakefield Bridge

Quebec winter landscape 1b

Farm Isle d'Orleans 1b

Farm Isle d'Orleans 2b

Farm Isle d'Orleans 3b

St.Laurent in Winter 4

Farm Isle d'Orleans 1b

Mont St.Anne Quebec 1

Mont St.Anne Quebec 2

La Dole in winter

Vineyards in the mist6

Vineyards in sprin

Fechy in November

Luins vineyards

Vineyards in the mist1

Cows near Gruyere

Mont Saleve

Mont Blanc

Chateau Celigny

Cows in the mist

Late Sunflowers and vineyards

Lavaux vineyards

Vineyards in the mist6

Jura winterlandscape

Vineyards in the mist3

Canadian winter Ontario 1

Canadian winter Ontario 2

Study for mural in Huntley Centennial School Carp

View fom the Harbour Castle

Inner landscape 3

Inner landscape 4

Inner landscape 5

Inner landscape 2

Memories of Holland

Prairie Wheatfields

Wheatfields Manitoba

Winnipeg Backyard in snow 2

Winnipeg Nude 1

Winnipeg Nude

Wildwood Park Fall


Yellow tulips

voluptuous tulips 1

Judith Leyster Tulip

Open Tulip

Purple Tulips

Growing Together

Botanical Tulip 8

Botanical Tulip 5

Tulips in Urn

Hengstenburg tulip

Hyacinth Blues

Distant dunes

Big Sky Bulb Fields

Close up and Big Sky

Tulip fields forever

Holland Canada

Poppy 3

Poppy 5

Poppy 6

Pointsettia ab

Pointsettia 3

Pointsettia ba




helleborus orientalis

helleborus orientalis and niger, christmas rose


a very long scarf

settlement of NYC by the Dutch

the story of NYC settlement

comforting the city 1

Keulsepot 1

Keulsepot 2

Keulsepot 3

Indian doll on basket

Native heritage 1b

Native heritage 2b

Native heritage
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